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WAW Hyper-Concentrated Multi-Use Powder Detergent

 WAW is a premium quality detergent powder which enables consumers to perform laundry chores giving outstanding whiteness and excellent brightness because of presence of strong optical brighteners. WAW detergent powder is made from chemicals that are tough on dirt but soft on skin and ensure superior cleaning action. It removes tough stains and dirt particles from any kind of cloth viz. nylons, polyester, acrylics, cotton synthetic blends and white cottons. Its anti-redeposition agent (Carboxymethyl-Cellulose commonly called as CMC) keeps away soil from re-settling on clothes after they have been removed during the wash itself.


 WAW Hyper-Concentrated Multi-Use Powder Detergent contains safe ingredients for fabrics and skin both under recommended usage conditions for laundry. The product meets the company’s stringent human and environmental safety standards and is bio-degradable. After its action, it leaves a long lasting and refreshing fragrance (Imported German fragrance) on the fabric.  


Salient Features:  

More brightness with strong optical brighteners  Strong stain removing action on all types of fabric  No harmful chemicals used, thus soft and gentle on hands  Long-lasting and refreshing fragrance  Eco-friendly and bio-degradable  Attractive packaging

  Available in the pack of 15g, 30g, 200g and 400g  


 LABSA, Sodium Silicate, Na2So4, Na2Co3, STTP, Fragrances.